Project Kerygma

Kerygma is the Greek reference to the way the first Christians lived before the Bible was eventually promulgated.

Rev Fr Terence Pereira, our Spiritual Director, conceptualized “Project K” as a Catholic way to evangelizing and living the Catholic spirituality. This program is being put together to cater for non-Catholics who do not have the time at the moment to venture into a Church to inquire more about the
Catholic Church and Jesus Christ. The program serves as introduction to our faith with the view of bringing them to the RCIA should they want to journey further.

Kerygma hopes to introduce the person of Jesus Christ to them and as the early church announce to them the good news about the life, death and resurrection of the Jesus Christ. The program will depend largely on the support teams that have been initiated. It is hoped that this program will be managed wholly by the laity.

The goal is that Kerygma will be used to “hand hold” the participants until the commencement of the next RCIA at parish level.