CPS ORCHARD (1 November 1996)

CPS Orchard had its inaugural celebration of the Eucharist at the Royal Plaza Hotel on All Saints’ Day on 1 November 1996. However, after this Mass, the Royal Plaza Hotel dropped a bombshell, saying they could not provide a room for the following week as well as on a permanent basis. Thus, within a week, a frantic search was on for an alternative venue. All the hotels within the Orchard vicinity had no rooms to offer. However, the Grand Hyatt Hotel had only the discotheque available. The approval of CPS’s Spiritual Director, Fr Terence, was given after a visit was made to the Chinoiserie discotheque. The hotel charged only a minimal rental of S$50 per week.
The first anniversary Mass in 1997 was celebrated in this discotheque. His Grace Archbishop Gregory Yong was approached to celebrate Mass, but he was not available. However, he faxed CPS Orchard a beautiful message which was read out to the congregation that evening. Click here to view His Grace’s letter as well as the flyer providing details of the anniversary celebration. 

The Eucharist was celebrated at the discotheque for about two years before Grand Hyatt Hotel subsequently moved the venue to a function room as the discotheque was being renovated. The Eucharistic Celebrations have been held at this hotel ever since. CPS Orchard is now in its eighteenth year, with Masses being held at the Brix Pub for the last two years as Grand Hyatt Hotel closed all the function rooms for major renovations.