CPS SHENTON (26 May 1992)

A group was formed with the aim of bringing Catholic workers/colleagues/partners together in the Central Business District (Shenton Way area) and to support one another spiritually in the workplace. The group had observed Eucharistic celebrations held by the Raffles Place group and decided that they could hold such celebrations as well. Jeffery Neo was guided by Dennis Tang (from Raffles Place group) to organise the Eucharistic Celebrations and put them in touch with Fr Terence who agreed to celebrate the Eucharist every Friday. The first Eucharistic Celebration was held just after Pentecost on 26 May 1992 at a storeroom in the office of QBE Insurance at Cecil Street with the assistance of Carlo Cheo. 

Eventually, as the group grew, they found another venue at SIA Building. Subsequently, this was pulled down for redevelopment and the venue was moved to a room at the Singapore Conference Hall. Then, the venue shifted again to the DBS Theatre when the Conference Hall was being renovated, and moved back to the Conference Hall when DBS Theatre itself needed to be renovated.

During that time, the leaders of the centre decided that attending the Eucharistic Celebrations was insufficient and they went on to organise talks on Fridays. The centre organised three rallies which were held in the evenings at the DBS Theatre. Each of the rallies ran for three nights and about 100 to 150 people attended these rallies.

The group started with about five people and now has two Masses with a combined attendance of about 150. On Days of Obligation, numbers may exceed 300.