CPS CHANGI (7 May 2014)

Inspired by the existing CPS centres in the city area, some members of Couples for Christ (CFC), with the help of CPS, formed a service team on 21 February 2014 to help organise Masses in Changi Business Park. This would enable Catholics working in the Changi area to retreat from their workplace in the midst of the workweek and come together to celebrate the Eucharist at a venue that is just a stone's throw away from their offices.

To gauge the response of Catholics to the lunchtime Masses at Changi, the team decided to organise Eucharistic Celebrations for three months from May to July 2014.

In preparation for these lunchtime Eucharistic Celebrations, the team met during lunch time every Wednesday during the Lent period from 12 March to 30 April for discussions, prayers, reflections and fellowship.

Fr Terence Pereira, as well as priests from the East district, Fr Joseph Zhang, Fr Terence Kesavan and Fr Charlie Oasan agreed to celebrate the Eucharist during this trial period.

The first Eucharistic Celebration was celebrated by Fr Terence on 7 May 2014 at the UE Convention Centre. Members from other CPS centres were also present to help out. The response was simply overwhelming with an attendance of about of 120 people and there was only standing room by the time the Mass began. The space in the two conjoined meeting rooms where it was held was filled till it was bursting at the seams. In May, the Mass for Ascension Day was also celebrated in the Auditorium and this was well attended by about 200 people.

The strong response gave the team confidence in making the lunchtime Eucharistic Celebrations a permanent fixture in Changi beyond the trial period. CPS Changi celebrated its official inaugural Eucharistic Celebration on Wednesday, 20 August 2014, at the meeting rooms of the UE Convention Centre at 12.15pm. Thus, CPS Changi has become the latest addition to the family of CPS centres.

CPS Changi continues to pray that more Catholics working in Changi Business Park and the east will be drawn to attend these lunchtime Eucharistic Celebrations and make time for God even in the busyness of life.