CPS CLARE – Catholic Lunchtime Alpha RCIA Experience (2007) 

The year 2007 marked yet another phase in the journey of CPS to serve the working community. A simple four-session program called “Kerygma” had been introduced in 2006 to introduce the faith to enquirers. However, members of the team felt that RCIA should be offered to those faith seekers. Hence, they persuaded Fr Terence to commence such a process.

Finally, with Fr Terence’s approval, members of the “Kerygma” team approached the Archbishop for the approval to commence the RCIA process in town. The approval was given on one condition – that the “Alpha” course be conducted as well. The “Alpha in the Workplace” program was inaugurated in 2007, followed by lunchtime RCIA in the Raffles Place in 2008.

CPS’s outreach programme, “Alpha in the Workplace”, is an adaptation of the Alpha course. At each weekly lunchtime session, Christians are encouraged to share the Good News and renew their faith and inquirers are encouraged to field questions about the Christian faith.

CPS’s formation programme, lunchtime RCIA, aims to ensure continuity in the inquirer’s faith journey, complementing the RCIA journeys held in the various parishes. The goal is to make RCIA available to those who cannot otherwise attend RCIA in the parishes.

The Catechumens are encouraged to join the parishes during the weekend Eucharistic Celebrations for the Breaking of the Word and other rites of RCIA, leading to baptism in their respective parishes. Hopefully, they will join their parishes’ ministries after baptism.

Just as Jesus is the Bread of Life for everyone who believed in him, we aspire for CLARE to provide spiritual sustenance to everyone joining our weekly meetings and to experience the immeasurable and abundant love of God in their life’s journey.