CPS OUTRAM (3 November 1999) 

CPS Outram had its humble beginnings way back in 1988 with a group of nurses from the Catholic Nurses Guild (CNG) who were working in Singapore General Hospital (SGH). They shared the Word of God with fellow Catholic employees working in SGH during their lunch breaks.

After some time, to enhance and enrich their spiritual faith at work, members decided to have the celebration of the Eucharist as well. By God’s grace, Dr Douglas Ong, a member of the pioneer group, was approached by the then President of CPS who encouraged the group to start a new centre, CPS Outram.

The first Eucharistic Celebration at Outram was celebrated on 3 November 1999 at the Medical Alumni Association building, where it is still currently being held. Weekly Eucharistic Celebrations were then scheduled during lunchtime on Wednesdays, with two sessions, one at 12.15pm and another at 1.15pm. At times, the attendance at the Eucharistic Celebrations dwindled to only three persons and there were thoughts of closing down the centre. However, with the support of Fr Terence, the group pressed on.

During the SARS outbreak in March 2003, the lunchtime Eucharistic Celebrations were suspended because of public health safety concerns. It resumed only in January 2004.

Then in July 2009, the Influenza A H1N1 outbreak led to the suspension of lunchtime Masses once again. The Eucharistic Celebrations resumed on 9 September, with only a single session at 12.15pm.

When the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School opened its campus in the SGH, the participation of members from the academic sector increased the attendance of the lunchtime Eucharistic Celebrations.

CPS Outram will continue to run the lunchtime Mass to serve as a platform for working people to live out their Catholic faith more fully during their workweek.