CPS SUNTEC (14 September 1999) 

The year 1999 saw a big shift of offices comprising major banks and multi-nationals from the downtown business district of Raffles Place to the newly created business centre of Suntec City. To cater to the spiritual needs of the working Catholics in the area, the Catholic Prayer Society went in search of a venue and people to form a new centre. 

The initial support came from a dedicated group of Catholics working in a legal firm in the Suntec City area. The first choir, along with a very dedicated choir mistress, came from the staff of this same firm. Initially, the team also took care of the setup and other preparations for the Eucharistic celebrations. Subsequently, a small sub-committee was formed comprising the people who worked in the Suntec City area and some retirees. They set up the altar and sound system, registered Mass intentions and welcomed all who attended the weekly Eucharistic Celebrations. The centre is greatly supported by priests from various parishes who prepared great homilies and celebrated two Masses a week.

CPS Suntec (previously known as CPS Suntec City) celebrated its first Eucharist on Tuesday, 14 September 1999, in a small room (which later became the storeroom!) of The Rock Auditorium. As numbers grew, the foyer of auditorium was used, which could accommodate up to 300 people during Days of Obligation. CPS Suntec was and still is constantly challenged by the need to find venues. At times, they were like "nomads", shifting from The Rock foyer to the Suntec Convention Centre, and occasionally even to a cinema hall at Eng Wah Cineplex. When The Rock moved out of Suntec City, the Eucharistic Celebrations were moved to a dance hall and then to The Rock's converted worship hall at the former Prince theatre at Beach Road. Currently, two Masses are celebrated every Tuesday at the Kids Performing Academy of the Arts at Millenia Walk. 

When CPS wanted to diversify its activities from just organising the Eucharistic Celebrations, CPS Suntec was one of the first to help with organising workshops for working Catholics. It also started a small cell community as part of its evangelical activities. The centre has also organised Stations of the Cross during Lent and faith formation activities, all of which were well attended. 

Now in its fifteenth year, CPS Suntec continues to face the challenges of finding a regular venue to worship, coping with rental costs and finding new people to help with organising the celebration of the Eucharist.