It was by chance that I came to understand there were Friday masses held in a hotel in the Orchard
Road area where I used to work.

It was way back since Holiday Inn's time. I was then only a Sunday Catholic, never had the time for anything except working long hours from Monday to Friday. One Friday I finally made it to my first lunch time mass and never stopped attending these Friday masses since then. The homilies at these masses are very inspiring and I have learned a lot about God and understand my religion better. I have also discovered that every time after receiving Holy Communion I feel that I am closer to God and wanted to be close to Him every day. This had led me to attend my daily mass despite the fact that every day I have to rush to and from the Cathedral. I feel that God has come into my life by giving me the convenience of receiving Him near my work place although I never had the intention of going to church except on Sunday. The message for me is to love and obey Him. With this message I have tried to be a more patient person and to offer all my hardship to him. Life is easier for me now then before. Amen.


In Nov 1998, God blessed me with recovery from another major illness, stroke which occurred on my left brain. It left me with some impediments to my mental functions. My thought processing and speech have become slow and they tend to cramp up, affecting my right limbs and my handwriting. God gives me two hands, so I developed my left-hand writing to get by.

Getting back to mainstream work became a struggle because I could not do things the way I did before and it was quite trying to meet work targets. This was so despite my being moved from engineering field work into the design office with a lighter workload. The move turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I saw a Beacon of Light in the Catholic Prayer Society’s Friday lunchtime Mass at Hyatt Hotel, 10 minutes walk from my office.

Nearly every week, save for the times when work spilled over into lunchtime, I could find nourishment for my tired body, mind and spirit, and over the week prior to Friday. I looked towards this beacon for strength and direction to carry on. (My daily routines did not allow me time to attend weekday Masses in church.) Mass on Friday always gets me recharged with strength and hope in life, and I survived more than 6 years. To those curious friends of mine of other faiths I tell them that I am going for a Banquet at Hyatt (and I meant it for it is a Spiritual Banquet), and on some occasions they came along to satisfy their curiosity.

However, work demands keeps on growing with new unfamiliar tasks and this “injured aging dog” finds it hard to learn new tricks. Therefore, wisdom prevailed and I chose to retire early to find Peace. Now, being able to attend daily Mass in church, my life is brightened up with many beacons. Still I choose to attend and serve at CPS Friday Mass as it has a special place in my heart. It is a refreshing spring that never runs dry.

Blessed be God, who is all good.

Benny Cheah