Intercessory Prayer For Re-Evangelising

CPS invite you, individually or as a group, to participate in our "Intercessory Prayer For Re-Evangelising"

1. Date:  Daily individual prayer or weekly group prayer in 2015

2. Time: Lunchtime

3. Invitation: 
"Please pray together the intercessory prayer to storm heaven to help rejuvenate and revive the CPS to carry out it's mission, all to give honour, glory and praise to our Lord. Pray privately everyday, collectively among the helpers at the day of mass at your centres, etc. to pray and enlist our Lord's help. 
Thank You and God Bless."

4. Prayer: 
" Father in heaven, we thank you for all the gifts that you have bestowed on us. We pray for your blessings on the Catholic Prayer Society in providing a sanctuary for our brothers and sisters in the workplace. 
We pray O Lord, empower the few to bring forth many more to our Eucharistic Celebrations to experience your presence in body and blood. Help us to grow to be your disciples and to build your kingdom on earth, for the harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few.
Send forth the Holy Spirit to empower all to renew and revive the CPS to be a force of evangelising zeal, and for the Holy Spirit to touch the hearts and minds of our brothers and sisters in Christ and call them to come forward and serve in the CPS to continue our mission.
Grow, strengthen and sustain the centre helpers and committee members to meet new challenges in our planning and implementation, with great love, hope and faith. And fill the hearts of those who serve in CPS with a joyful and generous spirit, to bring glory and praise to the Lord.

We pray this in the name of Jesus our Lord & Redeemer. Amen"

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