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Christine Kiflie


Christine’s journey in CPS started around 2007 when she attended lunchtime masses and talks which she felt were like an oasis which sustained her through the challenges during the workweek. Being in the CPS community helped her encounter the Presence of Jesus and His peace in her daily life. Her hope is for CPS to remain vibrant, bringing this experience of His peace to those like her in the workplace.

Father Terence Pereira

Spiritual Director



Through her colleague, Yulita was introduced to CPS Raffles Place lunchtime mass at China Square Central basement in 2013. Besides attending weekday masses, she also introduced a few non-Catholic colleagues to Alpha sessions and journeyed together with them in exploring questions of life and the Christian faith. Feeling the need to serve God, she volunteered to assume the role of Main Treasurer sometime in late 2018. She feels so blessed to be part of the CPS community and always reminds herself as God’s instrument and the “salt and light” in this world.


Vanessa Loke


Philip Teo

Ordinary Committee Member

Philip’s involvement in CPS started around the year 2000, when he attended the weekly masses at Hyatt during the early years of his work life and continued at Suntec, followed by Changi as he found himself able to focus more during weekday mass without having to tend to his young children. Feeling the need to do more, Philip volunteered in a project that happened to require his skill set . That led to his further involvement with CPS in Exco till today.

Helen Yeo

Ordinary Committee Member

Helen began attending lunchtime masses at CPS Outram in late 2019. Relatively new to CPS then, Helen without reservations, volunteered to assume the role of Treasurer in Jan 2020. This was short lived due to the Covid19 restrictions. However, feeling the need to continue the common mission of connecting working Catholics to the Lord during the busy workweek, Helen was instrumental in the organising of a monthly virtual devotional prayer session for CPS Outram to engage the community to pray together as one. Her active participation is motivated by her personal experience that it is in belonging in a community that we will see the face of Christ.

Angie Guan

Ordinary Committee Member

After her Baptism in 2011, Angie attended Tuesday and Friday lunch masses at Suntec and Singapore Conference Hall . She felt the call to serve in CPS and has since been helping in the weekly mass preparation. In serving each week, she felt the joy of knowing that our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ now belong to a community and have an avenue to turn to in the midst of their challenges in their working day.

Yvonne Woo 

Ordinary Committee Member

Yvonne joined CPS around 2001, introduced by her colleagues and thought it was a great idea to make good use of her lunchtime, attending weekday mass. She found it easier to serve on weekdays and so joined the CPS RCIA team before becoming a part of Exco in 2018 as Treasurer. The interruption of COVID-19 did not dampen her spirit to serve and she rejoined Exco in 2021 as part of the Management Committee and is also serving in the Talks team. A Sunday Catholic prior to joining CPS, Yvonne through her serving , found she has grown to love her faith beyond what she could imagine.

Cecilia Loke

Ordinary Committee Member

Cecilia, having experienced the luxury of attending weekday masses in the city centre, was inspired in 2006 when she moved to Jurong East to set up CPS Jurong East with another co-founder. Since then, she has been a centre representative, taking care of administration. Attending and serving in the weekly Friday Eucharistic celebration gives her great joy as she sees the working crowd gathering together as a community to spend their lunch hour to worship and partake of the Lord.

Joyce Lo

Ordinary Committee Member

The lunchtime masses at Victoria Concert Hall has drawn Joyce to CPS around the year 2000 . To stay rooted and grow in her faith, she realised besides attending weekday masses, she needed to serve the Lord . That led her to journey as a sponsor in CPS RCIA . In 2021, she began serving as a committee member of EXCO.


Ordinary Committee Member

Susan Teh

Ordinary Committee Member