Past CPS Lunchtime Talks Series 2019


CPS conducted the following lunchtime talks in 2019.

1. Theme - "Does it concern me?"  
We need to be aware that God our Father is not only at the Eucharist but also in the market place and that we must live as Catholic Christians at all times and in all places. Join us during your lunchtime on Mondays and listen to talks which will be relevant to your daily lives as Catholics.    

2. PRAYING THE BIBLE (3 sessions) 
We read the Bible and we learn about the love of God the Father. Sometimes we ponder over the words and the stories in the Bible and feel a stirring in our hearts. How can we use scripture to pray? 
Speaker - Fr Terence Pereira

3. AM I WHERE GOD IS? (2 sessions)
We start to be aware that although our Father is everywhere, we are not present in the present. We worry about what had happened in the past or allow past hurts to keep us in bondage or we are in the future worrying about what is going to happen. How can we truly be in the present with God our Father?
Speaker - Fr Luke Fong

We look specifically at how we are in the world and how we should not be influenced by the ways of the world. We look at how we should be standing out in the world as disciples of the Lord and bearing witnesses to the Truth. 
Speaker - Fr Valerian Cheong

For most Catholics, Church means the place that we go to usually on a Sunday. We need to be aware that we, the baptised, the people of God are the Church. The call is to be Church in the working milieu. We should not be afraid to be identified with other Catholics and to form communities in the market place.  
Speaker - Fr David Garcia

6. WHAT IS ENOUGH? (6 Sessions)
We look at what is enough to be a Catholic pleasing to God our Father. How do we define ‘enough’? The talk will cover the Initiation Sacraments and Sacrament of Reconciliation - talking about living the truth of the Sacraments as Catholics and not just going through the motion. By having a better appreciation and understanding of our baptism and other Sacraments, we will grow deeper in our relationship with God our Father. 
Speaker - Msgr Ambrose Vaz

7. WHAT IS WORLD VIEW? (4 Sessions)
The way we define the world will be our worldview. It is the specific standpoint that we have and from which we view the reality around us. We will look at one of the Pope Francis' Gaudete et Exsultate (Rejoice and be Glad) especially the Beatitudes, and try to understand the view that the Lord had and wants us to have. 
Speaker - Msgr Ambrose Vaz

It is our responsibility as Catholics to find out more about the teachings of the Church on matters of divorce, annulment and remarriage. After this talk, we will be better equipped to encourage those who have stopped attending the Eucharistic Celebration to return and also respond to questions or comments raised by others.  
Speaker - Fr Terence Pereira