Past CPS Lunchtime Talk Series 2020

CPS Lunchtime Talk Series 2020
CPS conducted the following lunchtime talks and small group sharings in 2020, mainly online via Zoom.

THEME - What do I need to know?

These sessions are meant to inform the participants of the basic knowledge that they should have in order to live in the world and be an alive Catholic.


1.  What is God asking of me? (4 sessions)

Often we ask ourselves this question and at times so taken up by the ways of the world that we no longer think about this. We look at our calling at baptism to be holy and this is the first of our concerns. Coming from the call to holiness, we are called to tell others about Jesus. Isaiah 61: 1-3 - the call to spread the Good News 

Speaker - Msgr Ambrose Vaz



(3 group sharing sessions via Zoom)

What if the disruptions caused by COVID-19 are not merely interruptions to be waited out but opportunities for believers to cause an eruption of good as we witness to the hope of the Gospel and concretely express our faith in acts of service? We explored and reflected on how we can move beyond ourselves to fulfilling the mission that Jesus Christ have left behind for all believers to go out and make disciples of all nations.

**All resources and reflection questions from Office for the New Evangelisation (ONE) 


3.  Am I living the mystery? (4 Sessions and 2 group sharing sessions via Zoom)

What is the mystery of faith proclaimed by us during the Mass?

During a period when we may have limited access to the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, how do we joyously live what we proclaim in our daily lives?   

Speaker - Msgr Ambrose Vaz


4.  What is my Catholic identity? ( 2 Sessions via Zoom)

During certain times of our lives, we feel a sense of loss and emptiness and some even take their own lives because they find it all meaningless. For us Christians, we are in fact children of God our Father. Do we really know who we are?

Speaker - Fr David Garcia


5. Is there a purpose to your work besides the pay and achievements? (4 Sessions via Zoom)

We have a look at what is happening at the workplace in the present and we look at the scripture and documents that speak about work. Are we where God our Father wants us to be?

Speaker - Fr David Garcia


6. Is faith relevant in the workplace?  (6 Sessions via Zoom)

Do we live our faith only with a community of Catholics? Is there anything in the bible that tells us how to handle our business meetings?

Speaker - Fr Terence Pereira


7.  ADVENT REFLECTIONS - THE COMING WORD** (3 group sharing sessions via Zoom)

**All resources and reflection questions from Office for the New Evangelisation (ONE)