CLARE - How it all started

Catholic Lunchtime Alpha RCIA Experience (“CLARE”)

2007 marked yet another phase in the journey of CPS to serve the working community.

A simple 4 session program called Kerygma had been introduced in 2006 to introduce the faith to enquirers. However, it soon became apparent that a more rigorous and structured lunch-time program would better serve the faith seekers.

It was with this in mind that CPS, with the approval of the Archbishop, proceeded to conduct the “Alpha in the Workplace” (AITW) program in 2007 which was to be followed up with lunch-time RCIA in the Raffles Place area starting from 2008.

AITW is an adaptation of the Alpha course where, over weekly lunch time sessions, Christians are encouraged to share the Good News and renew their faith and for inquirers, to ask all their questions, regarding the Christian faith. AITW is CPS’s outreach tool.

On the other hand, Lunch-time RCIA aims to ensure continuity in the Inquirer’s faith journey as well as complement the RCIA programs currently being run in the various parishes. The goal is to make RCIA available to those who cannot otherwise attend RCIA.

It is hoped that the Catechumens would join the parishes during weekend masses for the breaking of the Bread, other rites of RCIA, as well as join church ministries. All this would culminate with the baptism in their respective parishes.

Just as Jesus is the Bread of Life for all who believe in him, we hope that CLARE will provide spiritual sustenance to all who join in our weekly meetings. Hence, in doing so, perhaps they will experience the immeasurable and abundant love of God in their life’s journey.
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