Communal Prayer for Church Organisations (before Meetings)

Date : Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Dear Reverend Fathers, brothers and sisters in Christ,
May the peace of the Lord be with you.
The Archbishop in a letter dated 7 February 2014 invited all organisations to spend time in prayer. The Senate in May this year approved a template that can be used by all organisations to assist staff to spend half an hour of prayer before work begins at the office or before meetings begin. 
The template is attached to this letter and it is hoped that you will ask all your staff/colleagues to use it. Should there already exist a format that sustains a half an hour prayer, you can continue to use what you have. 
Should you have any query, please contact the Office for the New Evangelisation at Tel: 6858 7018 or email:
Thank you and God bless. 
Yours truly,
Fr Terence Pereira 
Episcopal Vicar for the New Evangelisation

here for the template.

Office for the New Evangelisation (ONE)